3°19.200N 84°06.46W 30-10-2010 16.00 Ned. tijd.

All's well. Sunny, hot. The wind from behind is too little to sail so having the engine on to charge the batteries and avoid the slamming of the sails.
Had a great sail yesterday. Wind S 4-5. Hit what sounded like a big tree last night. But we slid through it. Heard the scratching of the branches but saw nothing in the dark.

Caught a big tuna of at least 8 kg. Big fight. Had to stop the boat to get it in. Difficult to pull it out. The big hook was bent. Killed it with Marocan Gin.
Cut about 12 big slices and put 11 in the fridge.
The "meat" is dark red and so tender you could eat it raw (sushi)
Baked one slice medium/rare. Great with some rice and curry.

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