Hi everybody,

Since three days we are in a very sheltered Caleta Lamento del Indio (47*49.067S 74*37.795W). This name means "the complaint of the indian". And we can understand that name now, because it is raining like hell all the time. So, running around without clothes like the indians used to do a hundred years ago would indeed make you complain.
We are waiting for a weather-window to cross the Golfo de Penas (The Gulf of Pain). You can compare it with the Gulf of Biskaje in november. This gulf is not as big as Biskaje but the whole southern ocean and the depressions are pushing into it.
To cross the Gulf itself is about 70 miles but after that there are another 70 miles along the open west-coast before we can enter the canals again and find an anchorage.
The total distance is about 175 miles so we need at least 30 hours of reasonable weather. And of course we have to arrive in daylight to find the anchorage.
But the last few days it has been blowing between N and W around 30-40 knots and also the next ten days are not looking promising. And when the wind dies down there will still be a considerable swell. The gribfiles we use are also giving wave height and presently they are showing 7 m waves out there.
So we are not in a hurry. We have another 3 months before we want to fly home.
We are considering to move from this area of uninhabited islands to the coast of the mainland where there is a small village, called Tortel. Then we can top up with diesel and buy some groceries. Especially the candies, chocolate and snacks are running out. And the Gin and tonic!!!!!
We will also try to extend our visa if we can. For that we might be able to cross the border with Argentina for a few minutes. Otherwise we have to pay a $ 100,-- p/p. But we can only do that if the boat is safe there for a day or two.
The customs extension for Pacific Blue we can do via internet. In Puerto Eden I sent Anne the necessary papers and copies (foto's) of the Temporary Import Permission (via email) to mail to the authorities at the end of the month. Because from Pacific Blue we can not send attachments as you probably know.
So although it is raining virtually constantly, we are OK. If you had been here for some time as we have been, you and all the Dutch and British would never complain about a rainy day anymore. There is about 4 meters of rain per year in this area.
But it is warm on board. We make water when we need it. We take a shower now and then and we have food enough. So we can't complain.

Take care and stay well.

Peter and Paula