Dear all

Most off the time it's Peters job to write the English mails. But he thinks that he is very busy. This is a joke, because sometimes we have to wait for days in a caleta; waiting for a good weather window.
But we have had a a hard time. We moved the last few weeks to the north.
And I can tell you, although its beautiful here, it isn't a pleasure trip. It is hard work. We have had a lot of wind. Constantly stormy weather and gusts over 40-50 knots. Even in the overnight caleta's. Then it is hard to relax at night
For example, in Caleta Brecknock, we got gusts from the north east; 50 knots and more. Normally you don't have such a strong wind from that direction and from that side it is very open. We where really afraid that we could lose the boat when one of the shorelines would break.
Than we would hit the rocks. In the middle of the night, it was really pitch dark, Peter brought out an extra line, from the bow of Pacific Blue to the shore on starboard. And after that the worst was over, and we felt much (a little) safer. We have been waiting in Brecknock for 10 days before there was a good window to negotiate Canal Cockburn (strange name). This is an open stretch of water where the whole southern ocean runs into with the westerlies.
Also in Canal Magallanes we have had some heavy days. In one of the caleta's we got our gusts-record from 55,6 knots. And again not on the back or the front of Pacific Blue, but again from the side.
At this moment we are very happy that we could reach, two days ago, Canal Smyth. We managed to use a small window; just before the next depression hit again. We are now in a very nice and safe anchorage (Caleta Teokita). Again we are waiting for a good weather window to go on to Puerto Eden. We have surveyed this little caleta and found some good spots.
But it isn't a problem. We like it to be together and we have enough drinks and food and things to do!

We have decided not to go to Puerto Natales. We wanted to do that and meet e.g Jose and Annemie and fill up with food and diesel for the next 800 miles. But it is such a struggle with the weather at the moment. And coming out of there against the westerlies is even harder. We have asked via email to Punta Arenas Coastguard for continuance to Puerto Eden. That is another 240 miles now. We will fill up the diesel en go via Puerto Tortel to renew the visa. The renewal of the customs declaration for the boat we can do via email.
In Puerto Eden we will be halfway.

Love to hear from you and/or see you again.

Love and hugs from Paula and Peter